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Our global network of factories in Japan and China combine both cost effectiveness and performance.
YingKou Plant, China
YingKou Plant, China Established in 2001, the Yingkou factory offers the all-in-one capabilities for manufacturing plastics, from injection molding to the variety of secondary processing and decoration. Their clean and controlled environment also allows the advanced ion plating metallization. The Yingkou factory offers our clients a low-cost option for a complete manufacturing solution..

  • All-in-one production facility
  • Injection Molding, Secondary Processing and Decoration
  • Ion Plating Metallization capability
  • Low Cost Solution and Global Distribution
Yingkou Hongrong Plastic Products Co.,Ltd
No.19 North of the Qinglongshan street Yingkou Economic Technology
Development Zone, Bayuquan District, Yingkou city,
Liaoning 115007, China

Tel1: +86 417-6236508, Tel2: +86 417-6236504,
Fax: +86 417-6236503