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Our global network of factories in Japan and China combine both cost effectiveness and performance.
Okayama Plant, Japan
Okayama Plant, Japan The Okayama plant is MFV's most technologically advanced facility. In addition to the computerized production systems, the plant is capable of being precise to the micron of a millimeter in their production. Okayama plant has served the medical, cosmetics, and electronics industries clients, who require the highest precision and qualities in their products.

The Okayama factory is actively engaged in the green environmental initiatives.

  • Fully Computer-Operated Facility
  • Large Lot Production
  • Suitable for Medical, Cosmetics and other industry applications with the most demanding qualities and requirements
15 Taiheidai, Shouohcho, Katsutagun, Okayama 709-4321, Japan
Tel: +81-868-38-6450
Fax: +81-868-6084